More than a Haircut

More than a Haircut

I’m a firm believer that a haircut is much more than what just appears on the surface. We get haircuts for an event, or to go out on the weekends, to make a great first impression, job interviews, weddings, funerals, & lately people tend to get a haircut more frequently than in the past. Now it seems to be just as important as your outfit. A haircut is fashion. To have the latest or most trending haircut is like keeping up with fashion and “what’s in.”

Besides the surface of it, what lies deeper than the haircut itself? The way it makes a person feel! You feel fresh, renewed, cool, & confident. That confidence will show in your job interview, in your performance, or in your character. To look back when I was younger I remember this feeling. Before I was cutting and styling hair full time I was a young, confused, & misguided teen. Not only has becoming a master barber changed my life, but it’s actually saved my life. Now that is another story, for another time, but to get back to being a teen, in between jobs, & not knowing what I really wanted out of life; in the midst of all this I always had a fresh haircut. I mean I was obsessed, I definitely over did it. I was spending an hour in my mom’s bathroom twice a week & cutting my own hair in the mirror. What this did for me though was provide a sense of confidence. I didn’t know it at the time, I just knew I needed my haircut fix, often. I needed that boost of confidence and reassurance, & yes I received all that from a simple haircut. I’ve never gone to a job interview & not got that job I was interviewing for. I walked into those interviews with my head held high, not worrying about getting the job, or impressing anyone, or my current financial situation. I walked into those interviews knowing I already got the job & feeling sorry for anyone else trying to compete with me.

Still to this day I try to give back. I charge a lot more now than when I first started cutting my friends’ hair in my mom’s kitchen, but I try to help people, knowing that there was a time when my finances definitely weren’t working with me. Whether it’s a kid that wants a very fashionable haircut that maybe they can’t afford, or just someone in between jobs needing a little help. Whether it’s a discount or a free haircut I’m happy to assist someone that genuinely deserves it. To give them that motivation, that confidence they need. To give them that feeling that they “got this,” whatever the situation may be, is my pleasure. To all my barbers & stylist, don’t stop giving back. Don’t stop changing someone’s day… changing someone’s life. We all have an amazing gift, that doesn’t cost us any money, just a little of our time.


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